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1. An engineer performs Chopin for his colleagues.

Current Projects not yet Published

8. Stress Linearisation for Practising Engineers.

6. Rigid Body Motion Test

5. The fib Model Code for Concrete Structures 2010 - A Critique of the Comments on Finite Element Analysis

3. Limit Analysis of Dynardo Fibre Reinforced Slab

2. Simulated Limit Analysis of Plates using Incremental Plasticity Finite Elements.

1. Lower-Bound Limit Analysis Results for a NAFEMS Publication Problem.

Analyst's Area

1. 'p'-type or 'h'-type Elements?

Educational Aids

1. Analysis of Plates (Elastic and Limit). Lecture notes ECMM108, Advanced Structural Engineering, University of Exeter, 2010.

Publications (Ramsay)

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