Ramsay Maunder Associates (RMA) provide a range of consultancy services to industry based on our specialist knowledge and long commercial experience of finite element stress analysis. All work is overseen by the Technical Director who is a Fellow of the IMechE and a member of the NAFEMS Education & Training Working Group.

RMA's Quality Statement can be found at:

Ramsay Maunder Associates Quality Statement.

Technical Expert Witness

Angus Ramsay, Director at RMA, also serves as a Technical Expert for HKA Global, an international consulting, advisory and expert service provider. The skills and experience obtained from this work is also offered to RMA's clients who need technical experts to represent them in arbitration or court proceedings.

Design Analysis Services

Design and analysis are often highly coupled engineering tasks and design optimisation requires engineers of both disciplines to work closely together. RMA has considerable longstanding experience of working alongside designers and providing the analysis support required in the development of robust and optimised structural and mechanical designs.


Failure Analysis

Failure analysis involves making sense of engineering failures and recommending design modifications to eliminate future failures. RMA has developed considerable skills in this field of engineering which have been used successfully in a number of recent projects.


Independent Review and Audit

In many fields of engineering work needs to be checked, reviewed or audited independently. RMA are experienced in the process of independent technical assessment and are able to offer this service to clients.


Commercial Engineering Authorship

The writing and preparation of reports, articles or papers is a specialised skill which companies sometimes require on an ad hoc basis. Through long experience of this sort of work and the successful publication of many papers and articles, RMA are able to assist clients in this task.


Commercial Research & Development

Commercial R&D is essential for the survival of many engineering companies working in competitive environments. RMA have undertaken many successful research projects and are able to work with clients providing them with external expertise in this field.


Mentoring, Training & Education

The mentoring, training and education of young engineers is often paramount to the success of an engineering company. Where the company does not possess senior engineers with the appropriate skill set or free time, RMA can provide these in our field of expertise.


Development of Engineering Software

It is often the case that a piece of bespoke engineering software can significantly enhance productivity and therefore the quality of an engineering design. RMA have been writing engineering software for many years and are able to offer this service to clients.

Modus Operandi

Over the years RMA have developed a particular way of doing business which seems to work well both for us and for our clients. Whilst every project will be different we generally adopt the following schema:

Non-Disclosure Agreement

It is sometimes the case that RMA are required to sign an NDA prior to beginning work. This is a normal practice with which RMA are happy to comply.


A proposal includes a detailed description of the customer's project and a statement of the work that the customer requires RMA to undertake for them. Also laid out is a suggested start date, and timescale for the project together with the costs and any further information required before the work can be commenced.

A proposal includes RMA's Standard Terms and Conditions (T&C).

Purchase Order from Client

The purchase order (PO) represents the client's acceptance of RMA's proposal and T&C.

Project Work

RMA undertake the work for the client. The nature of many projects requires close collaboration between the two parties and RMA aim to keep the client full appraised of the progress of a project and involved in the decisions that are often required particularly in projects of a more open nature.


RMA aims to provide high quality technical reports fully covering the work that has been undertaken. The client will have an opportunity to review the report prior to close off and either the client or RMA may choose to have the work independently reviewed.


Once the report has been agreed and the client is happy with the work that RMA have undertaken for them, we will submit an invoice.


RMA's T&C (point 4) suggest a payment period of 30 days and it is appreciated if the customer is able to meet this.