Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis involves making sense of engineering failures and recommending design modifications to eliminate future failures. RMA has developed considerable skills in this field of engineering which have been used successfully in a number of recent projects.

Why choose RMA?

  • Long experience in the understanding of structures and machines and a growing reputation as successful troubleshooters.
  • Ability and willingness to conduct site visits at short notice.
  • High quality reporting and presentation of work to clients.
  • Internal review process to ensure quality of work.

A Recent Project: Fatigue Assessment of a Machine Component

RMA were called in to examine a failed component in a rotating material processing machine. It quickly became apparent that this was a high-cycle fatigue failure and that by developing an understanding of the load path and the associated stresses a useful design modification might be revealed. Finite element stress analysis was used for this project to provide an understanding of the stress levels. A modified design was also analysed and the results compared in a fatigue assessment which showed a significantly improved fatigue life for the modified design.


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