Engineering Software

Ramsay Maunder Associates (RMA) have long experience of developing engineering software and develop bespoke software for professional practising engineers, particularly those involved in structural assessment and design.

RMA write software in modern (object oriented) Fortran using the Intel Compilers within Microsoft Visual Studio.

Lame Finite Element (LFE)

The Lame Finite Element is an element formulated by Angus Ramsay based on Equilibrium Finite Element (EFE) principles which provides exact and/or safe solutions to problems governed by the Lame Equations.

Distributed Point Load (DPL)

DPL automates the process of distributing a point force and/or moment applied at a particular node of a finite element model onto a cloud of surrounding nodes. The distributed nodal forces are statically equivalent to the point forces/moments. DPL is a console application which reads two files, one containing the node cloud and the second containing the force/moment vector(s), and outputs nodal forces for the nodes in the cloud.