The NAFEMS Benchmark Challenge


This project comprised the setting of eight challenges and the associated responses:

Challenge & Response Number 1:

Stress at the Centre of a Square Plate with Linear Boundary Tractions

Challenge & Response Number 2:

Assessment of a Simply Supported Plate with Uniformly Distributed Load

Challenge & Response Number 3:

Understanding and Explaining the Nature of the Plane Strain Approximation

Challenge & Response Number 4:

Poisson's Ratio for a Steel Plate

Challenge & Response Number 5:

Dynamic Characteristics of a Truss Structure

Challenge & Response Number 6:

The Sleipner Incident - A Computer-Aided Catastrophe Revisited

Challenge & Response Number 7:

Modelling Beam Members with Finite Elements

Challenge & Response Number 8:

Calculation of the Hoop Burst Speed for Rotating Discs


Angus Ramsay - Author
Edward Maunder - Primary Technical Review
Ian Symington (Technical Officer NAFEMS) - Primary Technical Review
Savvas Triantafyllou (Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Nottingham) - NAFEMS Reviewer
Professor Nawal Prinja (Technical Director, Clean Energy AMEC Foster Wheeler) - NAFEMS Reviewer

Useful Links

NAFEMS Benchmark Challenge @ NAFEMS


The challenges are published as two collections:

The NAFEMS Benchmark Challenge - Volume 1

The NAFEMS Benchmark Challenge - Volume 2