Uniformly Loaded Rectangular Plate on Three Corner Supports: Part 1 - Error in Deflection


Numerical solutions to a theoretical solution for the uniformly loaded rectangular plate on three corner supports published in the Journal of Structural Engineering provides, inter alia, tables of maximum displacements and maximum principal moments for use by the practising engineer. The maximum displacements are assumed to occur at the free corner of the plate and whilst this is true for small plate aspect ratios, the maximum displacement moves away from this position as the aspect ratio increases. Finite elements are used in this technical note to provide an independent numerical solution which agrees with the published values for the corner displacements and is then used to provide the maximum displacement. For the largest aspect ratio considered (2.5) it is seen that the
maximum displacement is underestimated by some 10% in the published results.


Angus Ramsay

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.34000.97283

Plates on Three Corner Supports