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Dr Angus Ramsay, CEng, FIMechE is Managing and Technical Director at Ramsay Maunder Associates (RMA), a company offering specialist finite element stress analysis services and engineering consultancy. RMA have operated successfully for ten years in the structural/mechanical engineering sector in the UK and further afield and have assisted clients in, amongst others, the design/assessment of nuclear structures under seismic loading (Eurocode EC3), and in the understanding of mechanical failures in industrial machinery and how these might be addressed through improved design. RMA also undertake fundamental research & development into specialist finite element formulations and are working in collaboration with others to offer bespoke limit analysis/design software for reinforced concrete slabs used in the floors of buildings and bridge decks.

Angus is heavily involved with NAFEMS, originally the National Agency for Finite Element Methods and Standards, but now an international organisation. He is a member of the Education & Training Working Group and a founding member of the organisation’s Professional Simulation Engineer (PSE) certification initiative. He has written a large number of articles for the organisation’s quarterly Benchmark Magazine and undertook the NAFEMS Benchmark Challenge initiative to assist in the education of practising simulation engineers which has resulted in the publication of two books. He has held honorary positions at Nottingham Trent and Exeter Universities and is a board member of the Structural Technology & Materials Group at the IMechE.

The experience outlined above enables Angus to offer a rare blend of theoretical and practical engineering skills together with an innate ability to explain, verbally and/or through the written word complicated engineering details and principles to professionals whose expertise lies in other fields.

This skill set is highly regarded by the legal profession, who often have to rely on the expertise and integrity of their technical experts in order to progress satisfactorily the arbitration or legal proceedings that they are directing.

Angus adheres rigorously to the ‘scientific method’ in the development and presentation of his expert evidence and is happy to work with a legal team to ensure that his findings are presented clearly and concisely in a hearing or legal setting. He acts as a Technical Expert for HKA (formerly Cadogan) where his engineering expertise has been called upon and proved valuable in a number of interesting and important cases over recent years.

Whilst many larger cases will go through Expert Witness companies like HKA who can offer a wide range of services to their clients, other smaller cases will not require or, perhaps, be able to afford such services. In such cases Dr Ramsay is happy to be approached to provide Technical Expert or Expert Witness services where he is able to offer the same level of expertise to smaller clients who need redress through arbitration hearings or a court of law.

Angus Ramsay - Expert Witness
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