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RMA are involved in the education of engineers and have written a number of books on finite element analysis.


In addition to and often as a complement to RMA's commercial activities, the company is also involved in a number of long terms R&D projects some of which are in collaboration with commercial or academic partners.

Case Studies

Case Studies provide a brief overview of a project and is aimed at show-casing RMA's finite element consultancy capabilities to potential clients.

Simulation Governance

Simulation governance is a term coined by Professor Barna Szabo in a an article written for Digital Engineering in 2015 - A Case for Simulation Governance. The following figure illustrates the supports of good engineering design and how verification and validation are essential. Once verification and validation have been achieved then it is possible to use numerical simulation to model physical reality.

Technical Notes

Technical Notes provide information on a technical issue of interest to RMA and, potentially, to a wider audience.


RMA undertake R&D in a variety of projects and present this work to undergraduate engineers at university and to bodies like the IStructE.


RMA publish much of its R&D work both in academic journals but also in magazine in a form that is more accessible to practising engineers.


The theses/dissertations written by the Technical Director at RMA are provided here for reference purposes.


Glossary of Technical Terms

Finite Element People

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