Internal Review

RMA have a range of highly competent practising engineers, in terms of Associates and collaborators, with whom we may consult when required by a project. This is of particular importance when conducting work for highly regulated industries like, for example, the nuclear industry. Such a review was important for a recent project involving the assessment of a structure against seismic loading. The structure was destined for a nuclear power station in France and in order to ensure that the work passed muster with the various companies and authorities RMA subjected their work to independent review. This significantly smoothed the process for our client and led to a quick and satisfactory completion of the project. The sort of scrutiny offered by an independent review is not justified for all projects particularly when this process might well be undertaken by the client. Nonetheless, RMA offers this service to prospective clients should they feel the requirement for such a review.

The internal review process is a formal one and generally involves an initial meeting between RMA and the reviewer to explain the project and the analysis work undertaken. The reviewer is the given the finite element models and the report(s) for him/her to check and assess. The reviewer will then check the finite element model, read the report and provide formal feedback in terms of a report to RMA detailing the findings. There will be a further meeting to discuss these findings and the outcome of this might be the requirement for further work by RMA in terms of explanation in the report and/or further analysis work - often additional verification studies. The report of the independent reviewer is made available to the client at their request.