Poster at Insigneo Showcase Event

Friday, May 4, 2018

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Angus Ramsay is working with Kirstin Ahmed, a PhD student at University College London providing assistance in the use of ANSYS finite element software and in adopting good simulation governance principles to her models of femur implants.

A joint poster was presented on this work at the recent Insigneo Showcase event at Sheffield University in early May. The poster was titled Simulation Governance for Force Flow Prediction in ITAP Patients and the following image shows Kirstin with her poster.

insigneo showcase

RMA are very happy to assist dedicated and able students like Kirstin to maximise the outcome of finite element analyses whilst ensuring the quality of the output. We were very pleased to receive the following glowing review from Kirstin:

'I used Ramsay Maunder from 2017 and continue to do so. Angus is who I deal with and right through from my initial call to today,hundreds of calls/emails later, he has been polite, professional and most importantly the most brilliant engineer I have ever had the pleasure of crossing paths with. I cannot recommend him enough.'

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